Does your child need physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help babies, children and adolescents in number of ways. Some of the more common reasons for seeking assistance include:

  • Plagiocephaly (head shape asymmetries)
  • Torticollis (head preference to one side)
  • Talipes (abnormal foot postures)
  • Delayed achievement of motor milestones
  • Poor co-ordination, reduced strength or flexibility
  • Poor posture and endurance
  • Regular trips and falls
  • Unusual walking patterns (e.g. intoeing, limping, toe walking)
  • Difficulty with gross motor skills (e.g. walking, running, climbing, jumping and hopping)
  • Poor throwing, catching, kicking skills compared to peers
  • Positioning programs
  • To regain function following surgery or other medical treatment
  • Chronic fatigue and chronic pain
  • Hypermobility (‘bendy joints’)
  • Equipment prescription such as standing frames, walkers, bikes and wheelchairs

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