The Program for Students with Disabilities is a funding program for Victorian government schools for students with moderate to severe needs.

Just4Kids Physiotherapy can provide physiotherapy services for this program in both primary and secondary schools as well as a variety of special school environments.

Most health insurance agencies will cover your child for physiotherapy sessions as long as you have extras or ancillary cover.

Payment is required on the day of service, after which a receipt will be issued that can be processed by your health fund.

Just4Kids Physiotherapy is a registered provider of services through the TAC program.

The TAC will pay for the reasonable costs of the treatment needed for injuries following a road traffic accident. This includes physiotherapy and can include home visits.

Medicare rebates are available for a maximum of 5 allied health sessions in a calendar year for patients who have a chronic condition or complex care needs. These 5 sessions can be provided by a single allied health professional (physiotherapist) or shared across different professionals (e.g. 3 physiotherapy sessions, 2 occupational therapy sessions).

A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for 6 months or longer. Examples for children are cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, cancer or a neuromuscular disease.

A treatment plan needs to be organised by your GP to access this funding.

Medicare funds a certain amount towards sessions which may not cover the entire cost of the session. The rebate varies from $52.95 to $73.40 (December 2014) depending on the plan used. These rebates are subject to change so please check with Medicare.

The Access to Diagnosis and Treatment Plan is available for children with Better Start funding. Although Better Start funding runs out when a child turns 7, Medicare will fund 4 sessions to assist with a diagnosis and up to 20 sessions towards treatment from a variety of health professionals.

These sessions can be used up until the child is 15 as long as the plan is in place by their 13th birthday. Speak to your GP about a plan for your child.

Just4Kids Physiotherapy is registered with the Royal Children’s Hospital to provide physiotherapy services for children and young people as part of several funded schemes to optimise recovery following a hospital admission or surgery e.g. orthopaedic surgery, cardiac surgery, oncology treatment.

Just4Kids Physiotherapy is registered as a provider through the NDIS and will be ready to accept clients when the scheme expands from the Barwon region to all of Victoria in 2017.


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